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What personal information we collect and why we do it


Contact forms

You have the ability to contact us via contact forms. All data provided by you (name, company, e-mail, phone number, message and file) will be only used to react to inquiry and communicate with you regarding your question.



For the website to function properly, we write small data files called cookies into your browser. Most websites do the same. A cookie is a small file which after a visit of the website is stored on your browser. Due to it, for some time the website may ‘remember’ your actions and options (e.g. registration name, language, IP address, font size and other display options), and you do not need to re-enter them upon each visit of the website or browsing its various pages. Cookies also help collect website statistics.


How can I control the cookie settings?


You can control cookies also through appropriate settings on your browser by selecting which cookies you wish to accept and which to delete. You can reject cookies at any time by deleting cookies from your browser where the cookies have been stored. The control of cookies will depend on which browser you are using. For more information on how to handle or delete cookies stored on your browser, visit the Internet page of your browser or take a quick guide on the most popular browsers here Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, Opera


Whom we share your data with

We always store your data safely and request our partners and service providers which have access to your data to ensure this.

Your data may be viewed by:

  • website content hosting providers;
  • marketing service providers;
  • project development team.


How long we store your data

The information collected through statistical Google Analytics tools and other cookies is usually used for up to 2 years.


Additional information

What data protection procedures we use

The website uses SSL Certificate

  • Approved website identity (we visit the website of actual owner of the domain rather than are directed to hackers’ fake server)
  • Encrypted all between the server and the browser transmitted data – (network hackers can no longer read them)..
  • Guaranteed data integrity and originality (en-route routers cannot correct or censor the information transmitted)..

For more information:


Website administrator password security manual It promotes everyone having access to the website to use strong passwords. Besides, it aims at complying with OWASP 10 security standard.


Information on regulated activities

If you think that your right to privacy has been breached, you may lodge your complaint to the State Data Inspectorate located at A. Juozapavičiaus str. 6, LT-09310 Vilnius, Lithuania, tel. +370 5 271 2804, 279 1445, fax.: +370 5 261 9494, e-mail:

How to get to know about policy changes?

We will inform about substantial changes in the Privacy Policy by publishing the notification on the website Updated on 2021-02-22